Forms Studio

File upload forms, receive files from anyone directly in your Google Drive

Demo Form Video Tutorial

File Upload Forms for Google Drive

Forms Studio is an online forms builder for creating file upload forms that resemble Google Forms. See sample form.

You can include one or more file upload buttons in your web forms and receive files from anyone. The uploaded files are saved directly in your Google Drive, neatly organized in folders while the form entry is saved in a Google Spreadsheet.

Your forms can have CAPTCHAs to prevent spam, you can protect forms with passwords and also include e-signatures to let people sign the form before submission.

Forms Studio is powered by Google Scripts and the files are uploaded to Google Drive with the Google File Picker. You (form creator) needs a Gmail or Google Apps account but the submitter doesn't need a Google Account. You can even allow anonymous submissions.

Learn how to build file upload forms with Forms Studio

No coding required
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